Product/Service Price Product/Service Price
Webmin $10 USD/month DirectAdmin Included/Free
Fantestico $15 USD/month Softaculious $10 USD/month
Extra Ips $05 USD/month cPanel/WHM $20 USD/month

Our Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Server hosting is 2nd kind of hosting, Bliss Hosting Company Provide the VPS solution for our all kinds of customers in the whole world. We are providing VPS service with Linux and windows interface. Bliss Hosting Company are also providing the managed and unmanaged VPS for customers with 100% uptime in very cheap and normal prices. If any person want to manage his VPS on own then he can do it according his requirement, if he want to get management of VPS form our technical team Bliss Group are providing these service on customer demand.

Bliss hosting company providing these VPS on the base of Canada and USA. With very high latency time period. VPS are important for those customer which has huge traffic on site. Bliss Hosting Company provides this service in four plans these plans full fill all of customer requirement, if somebody want to customize VPS on his requirement then Bliss Hosting Company provide it with very low and cheap prices in all countries of the whole world. Bliss Hosting Company Provide all service 24/7/365 for our all customers with very high qualified and experienced staff in IT department.